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Why erosion matters on the River Of Golden Dreams and why we should limit the use for nature.

Discussion: Gabriel Pliska Sept1/2022

The Pique magazine here in Whistler recently had an article discussing the number of people along the river of golden dreams. Erosion is caused by the numbers of watercraft going through and this messes with the fish, delicate plant life as well. This Golden Dream also feeds into Green Lake. Every year, we-take-action-for-nature when we close off Lost Lake park and the access road for several days for the Great Western Toad Migration (they are so cute) then I think we-can-do-better for our future selves and protect our local Golden Dream through better management and monitoring of this historic, cultural, natural and vital waterway here. If we care then we act, otherwise let's do nothing, but I think this is important.

I think a simple strategy would be to create a registration system online to book a limited number of day tickets, otherwise one can book a tour with a local guide at one of the operators. Exactly how to set the number of day tickets to be sold would need to be decided by a professional. The day tickets could have a nominal fee of 2$-4$ to help offset the staff ticket-checker, perhaps. The Pique article prompted me to contemplate on this topic and further discussion on it would be great for council meetings. Thoughts?

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