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Tourism Management = limit ski pass sales?

If Whistler wants to manage it's own growth (Tourism Management) - could that mean that Vail Resorts (Whistler Blackcomb) should also limit the number of ski passes sold?

We know how congested the highway can get.

We know that Whistler is voted the best ski resort in North America by Conde Nast Travel and tourism demand is beyond summer 2019 pre-pandemic levels. This place called Whistler is incredible.

Though, Vail Resorts (Whistler Blackcomb) would never limit the number of pass sales because that would weaken revenues, limiting the number of ski passes sold would actually help our town handle demand on our local businesses, environment, housing.

It would be very challenging, but not impossible to figure out how and why to limit the ski pass sales, but it would seemingly help to control the demand on Whistler.

What if there was a correlation between the # of SKI PASSES SOLD and HOUSING AVAILABILITY? For example, if every business in town is short on staff, then we could limit the number of ski passes sold which would also limit the demand on those businesses and alleviate the inequality between supply and demand.

IF THE OPPOSITE were to happen, and there is unlimited ski pass sales and day tickets, then there is more:

-traffic congestion (horrible for our Climate Goals for 2030)

-service staff are stressed

-mental health of service staff detoriates due to overwork

-businesses cannot find staff as no housing for them

Some interesting ideas about how to manage our Tourism sector in Whistler, but it is very much correlated with housing and ability of local businesses to find housing for their staff.

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