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"Radical Intervention"

"Radical Intervention is needed to achieve our climate goals" - Arthur De Jong (Whistler Councillor)

Councillor De Jong is referring to Whistler's goal of reducing traffic by 50% over 2007 levels by the year 2030. That is eight years away.  An impactful presentation from the Environmental Stewardship department showed that if Whistler continues on the current trajectory, then we will not achieve these goals. Does this goal include councillors using their own cars instead of riding the buses?  Councillors should be able to show an example and be willing and able to sacrifice using their own cars themselves.  (Last I saw, the mayor himself drives a Suburban SUV...heavy on gas??)

"Some people have everything they probably ever wanted in life, and never have enough."

If we want to reduce traffic, then we should have more frequent transit. Do voters care about transit or they will drive their cars for the freedom it provides, regardless? A lot of transit users are not part of the voting population, thus the RMOW doesn't place priority on this population?  Earlier this year during the 136 day BC Transit strike in Whistler, while many local workers were reduced to hitchhiking on the highway, or carpooling, the council could have exercised political willpower to start operating the Rainbow Lake shuttle buses for riding and doing pickups North and South via highway 99 a-la the 10 Express Bus that usually does this route. The Rainbow Lake shuttle has a smaller capacity than a regular bus, but at least operating the shuttle would have been a gesture by the Whistler Council that could have alleviated a lot of stress from many locals' lives.

It is clear to me that "radical change" is needed and this could be in the form of a few NEW council members in this year's municipal election on October 15, in Whistler.   Please also vote for Gabriel Pliska Whistler Council 2022.

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