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Anything is possible - if you want it!

My name is Gabriel Pliska and I want to be your next elected Whistler Councillor. I want to be Councillor as representative of your wishes and I want to listen to what you care about for the next 4 years. I am seeking your vote! I love Whistler! I am excited for the future and the opportunities ahead. I am easy to work with, reasonable and considerate. I am worried about the environment and it breaks my heart. I’m asking the man in the mirror to make a change- I take cold showers for health and the environment and I also always hang dry my clothes.

I most recently worked as Turf Labourer at the muni taking care of our parks and grass around the village. I had to quit to become eligible for candidacy and am losing out on 7 weeks of income so far. This just goes to show the sacrifice I am willing to make for the people of this town and to fight for the working class here. Please hire me for the job!

I am passionate about gardening (I challenge all Councillors to grow better kale), helping others and enjoying the mountain life with fresh air and beautiful views. I am originally from Ottawa and have lived in Japan as well as Germany before relocating back to Vancouver and now Whistler. I do speak Japanese! I do speak some French and some beginner German as well! Do you love learning about new things and new cultures? I do! I love gardening and snowboarding/skiing and prefer Blackcomb over Whistler. Call it Robin over Batman. I want to be virtuous with my views as Councillor and want to serve the residents of Whistler for the common good.

Whistler's slogan is "where community thrives, nature is protected and guests are inspired" - a certain number of employees are not thriving at the moment and I want to change that. Especially when the community life survey last year shows data that 56% of permanent residents "trust that local decision makers have the best interest of the community in mind when making decisions" I can understand if that percentage is for shooting a basketball, 56% is really good, but this is community satisfaction, and 56% is just not good enough. Councillors need to work hard to advocate for its citizens and do what is right, regardless of criticism.

Please vote for the Change We Need, the Change We Deserve: VOTE Gabriel Pliska

Like in a garden, everything you see and everything you don’t see is vital to the system. This is like our community, where we see wealth and affluence, but we need to see and recognize the hidden crisis of housing, homelessness, food insecurity and small businesses suffering to find employees. Where is the representation on our council of the working class of our town that is not a homeowner? I am the one that wants to change this. Do not worry, the future is bright green! If I get elected to council, your voice

gets elected to council. I want to be a positive force with interest in the long term success of the RMOW. I promise to respond to every email I receive and want to connect with all of you and create a dialogue for positive change in our community. Just like a healthy garden, our council needs a good crop rotation. If you always plant carrots, it depletes the soil and your garden dies. Diversity is healthy!


Anything is possible!!

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